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Transformer Services in Fort Wayne, Indiana

Satisfy your customers' electrical requirements with transformer services from G & L Corporation in Fort Wayne, Indiana. We are dedicated to completing your project on time and within budget.

Men by Machinery, Transformer Services in Fort Wayne, IN

Transformer Moving

Save time and effort on moving your transformers with help from our crew. We enjoy a reputation as one of the leading transformer movers in the Midwest.

Because some transformers weigh as much as 600 tons, we have designed our own unique hydraulic equipment to move and install these giants with minimal vibration and stress to the units.


The gentle handling and precise positioning of fully dressed transformers is standard practice at G & L Corporation. We employ knowledge gained from more than 40 years of experience moving transformers efficiently and safely.


Our methods evolved from a unique combination of mind and muscle. For example, our patented hydraulic sliders provide optimum control, using the gradual application of power without shock or stress to the transformer. 

G & L Corporation's Satisfied Customers:

• American Electric Power®
• AmerGen
• Ameren Corp.®
• Anderson Power & Light®
• Asea Brown Boveri
• Cinergy
• Commonwealth Edison®
• Consumers Energy®
• Dayton Power & Light®
• FirstEnergy®
• Illinois Power Company®
• Indianapolis Power & Light®

• Mid America Power
• Northern Indiana Public Service Company®
• Wisconsin Electric Power®
• Wisconsin Power & Light

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